Wednesday, February 01, 2006

State of the Union

I was able to catch part of the State of the Union address last night. It's quite amazing how divided or country is when it comes to the issues facing us today. More than once the republicans were on their feet clapping, and the democrats sat there and, according my wife, rolled their eyes and what President Bush was saying.

One thing this has got me thinking about is what a great country we have. We have these polar opposite points of view, on moral and very emotional issues, but our government still functions. It's an amazing thing that our government is structured in such a way that it allows for different points of view, and allows them to be expressed without legal repercussion, no matter how dramatically opposed they may be to what the president's options are. While I generally disagree, sometimes strongly, with the opponents of the president, I am so thankful we live in a country where they can voice their opinions.

That being said, I don't understand how the democrats remained sitting when President Bush spoke about promoting abstinence and adoption to protect human life. What is wrong with that statement? Why wouldn't everyone be supportive of that? It completely baffles me.

Just so y'all know (by which I mean Brett, because I think he's the only one who reads this), I do have qualms with Bush. I'm all for slashing our dependency on foreign sources of oil, but everything he laid out was fairly long-term. What about Exxon's record profits? Exxon made the largest profit last quarter of ANY company in America, EVER. How about calling on some of his oil buddies to stop gauging us at the pumps so they can "recoupe expenses having to do with hurricane Katrina"?