Wednesday, February 08, 2006


I have entrepreneurial blood flowing through my veins. I've always got something for sale, or know someone who does, and am usuall trying to sell something myself. I feel like I need to channel these thoughts, develop them and use them for good (not evil).

But how?

I'm thinking about looking into business classes at SLCC or maybe Independent Study at BYU. I'd like to have a side-business or something going on, even if it was pretty low-key... just to bring in a little extra spending money.

We know this guy who has his hands in a dozen little business projects at a time. He has hookups overseas, imports and sells at a markup. Wherever he sees an opportunity, he makes something happen. I'd love to get into something like that: I have something you want. I can get it cheap and sell it to you cheaper than you can get it elsewhere... hot dog, it's a win-win.

But how to get started? I don't have access to hookups, or the knowledge to run a small business: two big obstacles.

Anyone have any ideas of how I should proceed?