Friday, October 31, 2008

I voted

I voted in my first presidential election and I must say it feels good to have gone out and performed my civic duty. Of course, that last statement should be qualified with the fact that I didn't vote for either McCain or Obama.

In fact, I didn't vote for any of the people on the ballot.

I voted for Jeremy Williams, the IT guy at work.

Not only do I think Jeremy would do a fantastic job as Commander in Chief, I'm betting that if he got elected he'd hook me up with some kind of sweet advisory position in his cabinet and would give me a tour of Air Force One.

But the real reason I voted for Jeremy is because I wasn't satisfied with either candidate. I really felt that the situation was between the lesser of two evils so I decided not to vote for either of them.

Obama seems to want to bring the country so much closer to socialism I can hardly believe it and I don't support his views on a number of issues (more on this later). On the other hand, I think he would be an excellent leader. He is very charismatic and I believe would have the capabability to inspire people to participate more in their communities.

McCain seems to be about as out of touch as you can get. The guy doesn't even know how to check his email, a "skill" which I believe the leader of our country and most of the free world, should possess. His complete lack of understanding of technology is startling considering how much of our economy, military, country and day-to-day lives rely on it.

While I tend to agree with him on more issues than Obama, I still have too many reservations to give him my vote. And his age plays a role in my decision not to vote for him. President isn't exactly easy on the body (or mind), and I don't know how he'd withstand the pressures of office. That mans Palin would be in charge of things and I don't think she has the experience to do it.

So that leaves Jeremy.

I encourage you to write-in Jeremy Todd Williams for president.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Vote early

Tomorrow is the last day to vote early, so plan on a long lunch and get to the polls. You can find your polling location and see exactly what's going to be on your ballot (with links to the candidates and issues) at It's nice to be able to ignore all the billboards and lawn signs and only see the stuff that's relevant to you. Check it out.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sunday, October 26, 2008

One of the more ghetto parade floats I've ever seen

Saw this beaut' while at the Labor Day parade in Evanston, Wyoming. Quality.

Friday, October 24, 2008

I need some suggestions (crowdsourcing Halloween)

OK. I do precious little around my house. Really, I come home from work, kiss my wife and son hello and then sit down and play Xbox until it's time to eat dinner. Then my wife does the dishes, I lock my son in his room and continue to play Xbox until it's time for his bedtime where I am interrupted again by having to kiss him goodnight.

So when you realize one of my few responsibilities is to be in charge of Jake's Halloween costume, you'd think I could handle it, right? Nope. I can't think of anything remotely interesting.

So I thought I'd ask everyone what they think my son should be for Halloween. Let me know in the comments. If I don't get any good suggestions it's probably going to end up similar to the above pictured costume which will scar my son for life.

Don't corrupt such an innocent mind. Leave a suggestion in the comments for a better Halloween costume.

Image grotesquely provided from here.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Verizon backs down - no rate hike coming

 See my original post here. Verizon has decided not to impose the 300% rate hike on text messages sent from short codes. Woo-hoo! According to one article it was because of the strongly worded e-mail I sent to Verizon Wireless's CEO (and other public outcries). Kudos Verizon. Here's hoping it's a permanent decision.

Monday, October 20, 2008

I may give into peer pressure

Great. Here we go again. It's 11:15 pm and I'm supposed to be in bed but I had a random thought while brushing my teeth.

Most people who know me would probably consider me a tech-savvy/nerdy guy. While I don't know how to program anything, nor do I speak Klingon, Elvish, or any other fiction-based language, I enjoy keeping tabs on what's going on in the world of tech and participating in my own, limited way. Yes, I probably know enough about Star Wars to be considered a complete geek to the average person. Sure, I've had more cell phones in the last seven years than most people will have in their entire lives. So you'd think that I of all people, I would have a MySpace and/or Facebook account. After all, it's how hundreds of millions of my peers function online and off.

But I don't. And that's on purpose. (I shared my feelings about social networks here.)

Up until now.

Here's the thought I had while I was brushing my teeth: why don't I create a Facebook account to tell people I'm not using Facebook.

Weird, I know. But bear with me.

One reason I don't like sites like Facebook is, if I understand it correctly, people login to Facebook and leave me a public message. I then get an e-mail telling me that I have a public message, so I login to Facebook to see what it is. OR YOU COULD E-MAIL ME. (This is similar to the problem I have with Basecamp, but I'll save that for another time.)

So instead of corresponding with people through Facebook, why not use Facebook to tell people the channels I do use to communicate? I picture an empty page with nothing but links to my Twitter feed, this blog, and maybe an e-mail address.

Despite this minty epiphany, I have my reservations:

1. I'm really stubborn about certain things, and getting a Facebook account is one of them. Even if I don't use it, the fact that I have one wouldn't settle well with me. I kind of enjoy not doing certain things everyone else is doing. I know it sounds a bit backward, but it's true. It's why I've never had a Coke and it's why I'm perfectly happy hating potato chips and french fries, thank you very much.

2. My real name and personal information would be linked to this site. Now, most of you know me and I don't think it would take a rocket scientist to probably find out everything about me online. While I've been contemplating dropping The Other Drummer moniker and just using my full name as the title of the blog (and the URL), I haven't decided to make the jump yet.

What are your thoughts on the subject(s)? Two polls have been posted in the upper-right corner. Have at it. Or, if you feel like waxing poetic, leave some prose in the comments.


I wonder what happens when you hit the "N" key.

Courtesy of Engadget.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The status of my 10 fetuses

Apparently my virtual uterus requires more nourishment than the Internet is able to provide. Sad. (But not really, because I hate that widget.)

I'm curious: in general, do you like seeing the virtual uterus widget on people's blogs? Let me know in the survey in the upper-right corner of the site.

Verizon Wireless triples SMS charges for mobile marketers

In addition to raising their text messaging rates 100% in the last year (along with everyone else in the industry), Verizon Wireless has now taken upon itself to triple the charge it imposes on sites that allow subscribers to receive SMS notifications to 3 cents per text.

For example, you pay $20 per month for unlimited text messaging. So you sign up for CNN to send you a text message any time there is breaking news. Starting in November, Verizon will charge CNN 3 cents for each message they send out, despite the fact that the consumer is already paying for the text message.

This double-dipping on Verizon's part not only comes across as greedy (it costs virtually nothing to send a text message - they were making a profit when they only charged less than a penny per text) but it stifles innovation. Sites like Twitter, Remember The Milk, Celllfire, and others may have to either close up shop or severely limit their functionality if Verizon insists on charging the fee.

I decided to be proactive and sent an e-mail to Verizon Wireless CEO Lowell McAdam telling him basically what I said here: it's greedy and it stifles innovation. I haven't heard back from him.

Maybe I should have also mentioned how they're delusional for wanting to be content providers instead of "dumb pipes" for giving people access to information. Verizon, when it comes to creating content it's you verses the Internet. And I think the Internet is going to win.

For more reading on the text messaging rate hike, hit up this link.

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Morning routine

I usually use my iPhone.

Courtesy of here.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

A petition

Just last week it was in the mid-80's (nice summer temps, but entirely too warm for October). In Utah it seems like we have about six months of winter, four months of summer, six weeks of spring and about two weeks of Fall.

I consider this a travesty, as Fall is my favorite season.

So I am starting an online petition to have Fall last longer. Tell your friends.

When I get enough signatures I'm going to send the petition to President Bush because, as it appears, he is solely responsible for everything wrong in the world.

So leave a comment about why you love Fall and we'll get this crazy world we live in set straight.

Image courtesy of here.