Sunday, October 23, 2005

Blender Basics

We got a hand blender for a wedding gift. It was a nice one, with a digital timer built right in, a number of different beaters and a nice carrying case (perfect for holiday traveling).

As we were blending our chocolate chip cookie dough we started smelling weird things. It reminded us of a dentists office for some reason. After a few seconds our fancy-shmancy hand blender started smoking. Little whisps of smoke started streaming out of it. Of course, we turned it off and put it outside on top of our pumpkin. After a while I went out to fetch the smoking culprit and tried it and... it didn't work. It's busted.

Not much else to the story except that really sucks.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Earning vs. spending

I think I may have just had a small insight into myself when it comes to money management, and it is this: I like earning money more than I like spending it. I much prefer the feeling that comes from seeing a check with my name on it than going shopping. I may theorize on this later, but in reality I'll probably forget I even had the thought.