Monday, February 06, 2006

Superbowl Ads

Today was Adbowl XI at work. While Adbowl was fun, I wasn't all that impressed with the ads. Granted, if I'd had a commercial air on the Superbowl I'd be thrilled. Unless it was the ad, or the PS cleaning solution. Or the Gillette ad. Then I'd be ashamed.

One that did make me laugh out loud was the Budweiser "Hidden Fridge" spot. Of course, I have no idea why that would make me want to buy beer, but for entertainment value I liked it quite a bit.

I also liked the Sprint "Crime Deterrent" and the FedEx spot with the dinosaurs. But the stinkiest ads were by far the PS Cleaner, Gillette and Pizza Hut spots. The GoDaddy spot was lame too.