Tuesday, February 14, 2006

An Apple gift on Valentine's Day

Various sites are reporting that Apple has given all their pre-order MacBook Pro customers a free processor upgrade: 1.67 ghz to 1.8, 1.8 to a previously unannounced 2.0 ghz, and even the option to upgrade that to a 2.17 ghz. That's good news for Doug and everyone else who's been "patiently" waiting for their laptops to arrive.

Thank you Apple!

It also raises the question: was this the plan all along? Was the whole 1.67 ghz thing a backup in case they didn't get the 2.0 chip in time? If not, what's happened to all the 1.67 chips? Into the Mac Mini perhaps? That would certainly give the Mini enough juice to function as a media center (which I am desperately hoping for).

Or the up-and-coming iBook? Perhaps the low-end model will have the single-core processor, and the high-end the duo.

Also, is the iBook going to be called the "MacBook" as opposed to the "MacBook Pro"? I could see them doing something as simple as that. It would certainly help with marketing: promote one name, but two product lines.