Sunday, February 26, 2006

Microsoft Origami

Rumors have recently surfaced of a Mircrosoft mini-tablet PC concept, codenamed "Origami" being revealed (coincidentally?) February 28th, the same day Apple is set to announce some "fun new products".

The Origami should be able to do some pretty interesting stuff. From what I can gather, it really only has one major thing working against it: Microsoft is producing it.

Nevertheless, it could be something (dare I say it?) really interesting and cool. Could Microsoft beat Apple to the punch on something?? Releasing a very portable, tablet PC? Regardless, the Origami is supposed to sell in the sub-$500 range, and I seriously doubt anything Apple produced would ever come close to that affordable. Which is serioulsy unfortunate considering more people are interested in Apple now than ever, but their computers tend to be twice as expensive as comparable PC machines.

Am I plugging Microsoft here? HECK no. I'm just interested to see what Tuesday brings.