Sunday, February 12, 2006


Did Motorola address the main issues they had with the ROKR? No. Not really. It still has the filthy artificial 100 song limit, it only transfers songs via a snail-slow USB 1 connection, and the menus still jerk and lag betweens screens.

But the SLVR will do much better than the ROKR.

That's because the ROKR was pushed as the "iTunes phone" and had very little else going for it (see my earlier post) including the carrier, Cingular, which is so bad it sucks AND blows at the same time. And, well, when you screw up the iTunes aspect of the iTunes Phone, you have something people aren't going to be too happy with. But the SLVR has a lot more going for it, namely, its form-factor.

People flocked to the RAZR when it's standard set of features was the exact same as existing Motorola models. Why? Because of the amazingly stylish and fresh form-factor. The SLVR brings, I believe, and even cooler look to the table and, oh, by the way, it has iTunes.

Personally, I look at the SLVR as a sweet-looking phone with some cool features, one of which happens to be iTunes. I don't think the iTunes should be pushed on customers. The mobile version sucks, to be frank, and this is coming from a devout Apple fan. Focus on the plethora of other features, and mention iTunes in the second breath, not the first.