Sunday, April 01, 2007

More of Apple's stellar customer service

This weekend I decided to use the gift coupon Apple sent me after the last nightmare I had with them. The coupon was for $100 off a purchase of $300 or more and expired yesterday.

Based on my last experience, I figured it would be wise to get Apple Care for my iMac. If my $1,500+ investment is going to crap out spontaneously, it would be good to have a warranty so it becomes Apple's problem, no? I called up to place my order: Apple Care, a refurbed iPod nano and the remainder of the balance in an iTunes gift certificate so the total would come out to exactly $300. (No need to give Apple more money than necessary, right?)

For some reason, this simple transaction which "should only take five minutes" was apparently so difficult it warranted ended me talking with three customer service reps over the course of two hours, wasting a fair portion of my Saturday afternoon.

And the order still hasn't been placed.

So I get to call them back Monday, see if someone can actually place the order and hope they'll be able to use the now expired coupon.

I'll keep you posted.