Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A strange phenomenon

Every day my left shoe comes untied. Not my right shoe. My left. Every day.

This happens as I walk from the train to work (note: it does not occur as I walk from work to the train). I don't know why it happens but I have, of course, attempted preemptive measures to secure the lace: I tie it really, really tight.

Then I watch to see if it comes untied.

And it always does.

I would assume the laces were to blame except it only happens on the one foot and I have the original laces on both shoes. Those who know me well enough know I have mutated feet. While not quite as hideous as this chick's feet, I have ugly, oddly-shaped feet which may have something to do with it.

Not sure if my shoe coming untied is particularly blog-worthy, but it's what I noticed on my way into work.