Friday, May 25, 2007

Einstein was right

As I bring my head up above ground I squint into the sunlight. What time is it? What day is it? Has the world ended? Planets collided? World peace been achieved? I have no idea. I've been busy keeping track of how often my kid poops, the color/consistency of said stool, and whether or not he peed too.

Then I change the diaper.

The last five days have been a complete blur. Honestly, most of the time I have no concept of date or time. The days flow together via a string of randomly placed half hour naps. AM? PM? Irrelevant. Breakfast? Dinner? Trivial. Time is no longer measured by the place of th sun in the Heavens. My universe now revolves around a new son (HA! Get it?? Yes. I'm tired.) and time is only relevant to when a diaper was changed in comparison to the next appointed feeding and whether or not there is enough space in there to sleep.

Suddenly, the theory of relativity makes sense. See? Kids make you smarter.

OK. Deep breath. Time to go back down into the word of diapers and crying and binkys and burping and the wonderful cuteness that is my son.

Being a dad is so awesome.