Sunday, May 20, 2007

8 hours to showtime

We're checking into the hospital tomorrow at 7:30 am. That means we should have been in bed hours ago. Somehow, knowing when you're going to have a child the next day makes it difficult to sleep.

As a result, the apartment is very clean, we're all packed and for some reason we feel the need to document what's happening: Amy is writing in her journal, I'm blogging and writing in mine, and we both just made a short little video.

Life is going to change.

As time and circumstances permit, I will make posts tomorrow to keep those interested up-to-date. Also, check my Twitter feed (gray box under the "For your own safety..." pic to the right) for periodic updates as well.

Most of all, wish us (mostly my wife) luck. It's a scary road to go down and your thoughts and prayers are appreciated.