Monday, March 26, 2007


As I was about to cross the street to come to work, the standard groups of Walking Cancer Factories were huddled on the sidewalk, puffing away. (Note: It's 9 am! Who needs to stop working for a cigarette break when it's only 9:00?!) Fortunately, they started heading into the building as I crossed the street, leaving their butts smoldering in an ash tray. I slowed my pace to allow the air to clear out.

Then I saw the truly gag-inducing: a woman, who was not part of the group that went inside, walked up to the ash tray, picked up a still smoking cigarette butt and began smoking it. After she puffed, she stood there with a cigarette in each hand, unfazed at her grotesque act.

Repulsed, I walked inside, shuddering at what I'd just witnessed.