Thursday, March 08, 2007

An excellent example of customer service

I e-mailed Applebees regarding my defunct dessert. Since the, I've been hugely impressed. (There are a lot of other companies that should take a page out of Applebee's customer service book.)

My original e-mail was first responded to with the generic "we got your e-mail" autoresponse. Frankly, that was all I expected. A few days later I received this:

Dear Mr. *******,
I received your Guest Relations comment today and would very much like to speak with you in person. ...As it sits I would like to know what I can do to rectify the situation and make your next visit with us more pleasurable then the last. I will want to know what you had ordered and the name of your server so this problem does not arise again.

Look foward to talking with you

David Wilcox GM

I replied:

Mr. Wilcox,

Thanks for your quick reply!

...I had ordered a quesadilla appetizer, a chicken main dish and the blondie dessert. I don't remember who our waiter was but, other than the dessert mix up, he did his job very well. As far as rectifying the wasn't a huge deal (albeit a little disappointing)... just something I thought should be brought to someone's attention. Anything you feel would be appropriate would be appreciated.

Again, thank you for your prompt attention.


He responded:

Mr. *******,
Thanks for your timely re-response. If I could ask you for your address I would like to send you out a comp pass for dinner for two or I can keep it here until your next visit. Either way it's ok with me.
Again, Thank You !

David Wilcox GM

Then another e-mail from him:

It's in the mail, look forward to your visit, that's if you plan on using it at this location. If so I would like to visit in person, if I happen to be working.. ( I usually am )

David Wilcox GM

We got the gift certificate just as he said. I'm anxious to use it so I can meet Mr. Wilcox and thank him. Applebee's has certainly gone out of its way to prove they want me as a customer and they've earned my business.