Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The parking spot

I can't believe how petty I am. There's this one car that's always parked in the same spot in the parking lot of our apartment complex. It's a good spot. Right next to the building and the covered parking.

For some reason I imagine the person who parks there races to get home from work before me. Once she's secured the prime location, she sits back and waits by the window to watch me pull up, find the spot taken, shout a some pseudo cuss words and put my car in reverse. She then watches me from her warm living room as I back up clear past all the covered parking and half way to the dumpster. There I find my "regular spot" in front of the row of trees (read: bird poop alley) and next to the windowless "Kidnapper Van" which hasn't moved since I've lived here.

Tonight the tide turned. I got the spot.

Was I happy not to have to walk as far to get to my apartment? No. Was I excited I wouldn't be adding to my mobile collection of bird turds? No. As I walked to my apartment with a smug smile spread across my face I was simply thrilled the Mystery Driver wouldn't have "her" spot.

I'm so shallow.