Monday, January 22, 2007

Digital v. tactile: the internal debate rages on

Journal or blog? Moleskine or Macbook? I love writing in both. Lately I've been leaning more toward my journal. I've filled 13 pages in my journal over the last three weeks. Then again, I've published 20 blog posts in the same amount of time.

There's something wonderful about the tactile nature of writing in a journal: the pen as it glides over the paper. Holding something you're creating in your hand and the exhilaration and pride I feel when I look at a well-loved, worn notebook with pages full of my thoughts, memories and ideas.

I love blogging. Being able to quickly put ideas down and the editing process of refining thoughts, sentences and words to more effectively communicate ideas to the invisible masses who I imagine read this. The ability to reference articles, pictures and current events and spout off my two cents worth about them. A blog is a platform to make your voice heard. Even if no one is listening, the perception remains: you've gone on record and published your opinion.

Why not both? The thought of having my ideas scattered across two platforms makes my quasi-OCD nature quiver in fear and discomfort.