Thursday, January 11, 2007

It arrived.

The long-awaited iPhone was announced today. In a word: wow. It does everything you could possibly want such a small device to do. It really is remarkable and revolutionary.

However, my overall feeling about Macworld: disappointment. Perhaps it's the jaded former Apple fanboy in me but with a half hour left in the keynote I was wondering, "When are they going to talk about Leopard?" Not to mention they've partnered with Cingular who, based on my experience and perusings 'round the Internets, is universally despised. Asking me to sign a two-year contract with Cingular and fork over $600 is just too much.

I wanted an iPhone to be an iPod and a phone. Instead, the iPhone is beyond my, and I think most people's, wildest dreams and therefore just as unattainable as it was before it was announced. I would have rather heard more about Leopard...something I'm actually going to buy.

This article reflects my thoughts pretty well.

P.S. Kevin Rose, what the heck were you talking about?? Are you a liar or just incompetent?