Sunday, January 21, 2007

Don't touch my Cheerios

Cereal is one of those things I'd rather prepare myself. Any other kind of food I'm very happy having someone else prepare. Even simple things like sandwiches seem to taste better when made for me. But if someone asked if they could pour me a bowl of cereal and serve it to me on a silver platter I'd say, "No thanks," and have them bring me the bowl, spoon, cereal and milk.

So, for your enlightenment, here's how one should properly prepare a bowl of cereal.

It has something to do with the milk-to-cereal ratio as well as the way the milk is poured. Just dumping the milk in one spot and letting it rise over the cereal isn't very tasty. Instead, slowly pour the leche over the cereal until it approaches the correct level. Then gently fold the cereal over itself, bringing the cereal at the bottom of the bowl to the top. This ensures all cereals have roughly equal milk exposure and you don't have super crispy, dry cereal in one spoonful and soggy cereal in the next.

And that's the way it's done.