Tuesday, February 19, 2008


The Second Format War has ended (the first being Beta v. VHS) with Blu-Ray coming off victorious. Toshiba, the main backer of the losing format, has bowed its head and backed out of the race after having lost millions in product development, promotion and advertising. (Hopefully Hillary will do the same.)

I was rooting for Blu-Ray if for no other reason than I like the name a lot better. "HD-DVD" is just too clunky to say.

I don't imagine this is going to drive a lot of new Blu-Ray sales. Of course, those waiting out the battle will be able to go out with the knowledge their purchase won't be for naught. Granted, they're sill paying a premium $300+ for the player and $30+ for each movie. Not something I'm ready to do. I'll wait until you can get players for less than a hundred and the movies come down to current DVD prices.

Of course, I will need an HD TV first. Hmmmmm.

P.S. This is post 499!

Thanks to Tombstone Generator for the pic.