Friday, February 15, 2008

I went and got me one of them iPhones

Yeah. So as I reported earlier in the year, my wife was kind enough to give me a 16 gig iPod Touch for Christmas. I returned it, and have now purchased an iPhone which I promptly unlocked using this very, very easy (and fast) program. Honestly, I set the iPhone on the dock, clicked "Free my iPhone" and two minutes later it was unlocked. I turned it off, put my T-Mobile sim card in and ta-da. An unlocked iPhone that works perfectly.

Yeah. It's pretty cool. No new activation fee. Same "low" monthly T-Mobile bill. No contract. It's a very nice arrangement.

So huge "thank you" to my generous wife who is far kinder and generous a person than I am afraid than I will ever be - and for many more reasons than this gift.

UPDATE: And a not-as-huge "thank you" to Danny for letting me use his Windows machine to do the unlocking.