Monday, February 11, 2008

Blast and wretch! Some TV shows won't be back until Fall - and other news

Chuck, in particular, is said to not be returning until Fall. @!#$$@#! Chuck is the ultimate show for geeks and wanna-be-geeks, such as myself. Brilliant little references to stuff only a geek would know and love (like a mention of "backseat perking" while playing COD4) make this show one of my favorites.

While Chuck my have the summer off, reports are saying that The Office has a script or two almost complete which means it may be coming back sooner than others. Same with 30 Rock. Nice.

In other news, some friends of ours forced us, under duress, to watch the Lost pilot this weekend. Maybe it was the fact that it's been built up so much, or maybe it was that I'd heard enough tid-bits here and there to spoil it was good. Not addictive good, but good. I know Matt will be thrilled to hear I watched it but gnashing his teeth in unholy rage that I didn't instantly become a believer.

In other-other news, I'm quickly approaching my 500th post for The Other Drummer (this is post no. 494). Yay me. My sister in-law said she wants to throw a very exclusive party in honor of the event, but since she's in Idaho at school I'm doubtful it will happen, although I appreciate the sentiment. To that end, gifts and cash donations are always welcome. (I don't yet have a PayPal account, but if you wanted to give me money I'd set one up.)

Jumping back a topic or two, which shows are you most excited to see back on the air? Leave word in the comments.

Chuck image from here.