Wednesday, September 19, 2007

National Talk Like a Pirate Day

Ahoy! I keep forgetting to put this significant holiday on my calendar and it sneaks up on me every year. That's right folks, it's National Talk Like a Pirate Day (why do we have to come into work??).

Using this name generator you can find out what your pirate name is. Check it out and e-mail me (theotherdrummer at gmail dot com) your swashbuckin' new name or leave it in the comments.

Signed sincerely,

Jelly Legs Bryant


Tatyana - Seal Breath Agnes
Katie - Shark Tooth Ursula
Alysia - Slouchin' Angie Cooke
Andrea - Cap'n Evelyn Seaturd
Aaron - Noseless Butch Slasher
Jeremy W - Cap'n Elmer Ropeburn
Cindee - Androgynous Mary Smithe
Tony - Fancypants Dan Drake
Matt - Cap'n Nigel Graybeard
Hugh - Cap'n Hubert Greenbeard
Pat - Cap'n John Greasepalms
Gary - Cannon-Balls Carl (seriously)
Erin- Cap'n Bernice Sharkbait
Kevin - Cowerin' Randal Cutler
RaeLynn - Bubonic Jasmine Teach
Rob - No-neck Blaine
Marc - Javier the Badly Burnt
Brad - Pirate Garrick the Off-White
Amy - Shoutin' Azriel Kidd
Clarke - Cap'n Patrick Sharkbait
Michael - Cap'n Burt Bloodgut
Julie - Cap'n Eve Buttwipe
Ben - Pirate Jack the Malformed