Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Hopefully dreams really don't come true

Wow. Last night was a weird one. I woke up this morning thinking I was mostly bald.

Here's why.

I was playing poker with Martha Stewart last night. Texas Hold 'Em. She raised me after I was all in, so I had nothing left to offer but my hair. So I wagered my hair. I had two pair so I was feeling pretty confident.

She had a full house. Apparently Martha is quite a card shark. Must have learned a thing or two in jail.

So I came home to my apartment and broke out my electric razor. I hesitated thinking, "I'll never see Martha Stewart again. She'll never know if I do it or not." But then I told myself that I gave my word (even if it was over a poker table to a dishonest celebrity) so I was honor-bound to do it. That, and I've always been kind of curious about what I'd look like bald.

So using the sideburn trimmer started cutting away swaths of my beautiful locks. I got the front, right quarter of my head done when the battery on my razor started dying.

Panicked, I tried to move faster because I had somewhere to be and didn't want to go with only part of my head shaved.

It was a pretty real dream because when I woke up I instinctively moved my hand all around my head checking for the shaved spots.

What do you think it means?