Thursday, September 06, 2007

Apple: iPhone owners, we're sorry. Here's $100. (Kind of.)

Well, yesterday was great and dreadful. Great for those who held off buying iPhones - it's now $200 cheaper.

Dreadful for those who laid down $600 just six weeks ago for Apple's latest and greatest - it's now $200 cheaper.

Naturally, those early adopters were a bit ticked off. And rightly so.

Steve Job's response? "Well, that's what happens in technology".

In other words, "We knew our faithful customers would take the bait and pay a premium for the iPhone. After we've milked them we'll drop the price by a third and appeal to everybody else."

Bad form Steve!

Now Apple's PR elite have convinced Steve (probably under duress) to issue a statement apologizing ("Now say you're sorry") and offer early adopters a $100 credit to the Apple Store ("Now say you're sorry and mean it").

This is the same runaround they gave me when they kept my computer for a month and then pretended like they were doing me a huge favor by giving me $100 off (a purchase of $300 or more).

You can count the amount of stuff you can get in the Apple Store for under $100 on one hand. It's a ploy to hit you up for more money.

In the words of Fake Steve:

Anyway, it's been a pretty good week. We're screwing everyone in sight. We screwed you. We screwed AT&T. We screwed NBC. Man oh man. If we make it to the end of this week without angry picketers chanting outside our campus I'll be shocked. Peace out, suckas.