Wednesday, September 05, 2007

iPod Touch announced - UPDATED

No my friends. That isn't the iPhone. It's the new iPod Touch. $299 for 8 gigs and $399 for 16 gigs. Boo-ya.

They also dropped the price of the iPhone TWO HUNDRED BUCKS to just $399 for the 8 gig model. Nice.

But back to the iPod Touch.

My dreams kinda-sorta came true. Yes, it has WiFi with Safari. You can download tracks from iTunes straight onto your iPod which is cool, but I don't really care so much about that. You can even have all your contacts and calendars synced as well.

But there's no e-mail.


Why in the world would you put a full web browser and access to an online music store and not put the e-mail program on there?? I might have actually used my .Mac e-mail address if they did. I suppose they could add it later but why not now?

Not saying I wouldn't want one, and I'm sure they'll sell loads of these for Christmas, but c'mon e-mail?

P.S. Nanos got revamped to handle video and the iPods we know and love got MASSIVE capacity upgrades,rebranded as iPod Classic, and some smooth new looks. New colors on the shuffles.

UPDATE: What the heck? The Nano has a Notes program (just like every other iPod ever released) but the know, the iPod with the full-screen keyboard...doesn't have that either. I don't get it.