Saturday, September 01, 2007

AT&T: we drop more calls than our competition

Apparently the Better Business Bureau looked into AT&T's little claim that they have the fewest dropped calls. They found what everybody else already knew: it was a load of steaming cow dung.

According to WIRED:

Turns out, the assertion was never really true, and was based on only a small part of a larger Telephia report. As a whole, the report notes that AT&T Wireless did not have the most reliable network in places like New York, Chicago, Houston and Los Angeles, according to Broadband Reports. Recent studies from Consumer Reports and JD Power mirror these findings, and have placed Cingular/AT&T at or near the the bottom of their rankings for reliability and satisfaction.

Looks like you've been caught lying to everyone AT&T! Oh, snap!

I really can't wait until the iPhone is available on other networks. Oh, wait. It is.

Photo via Gizmodo