Monday, January 21, 2008

CNN: Black women are too stupid to look beyond race and gender

I am neither black, nor a woman and yet I find this headline (from CNN's homepage) offensive. Does CNN think the only difference between these two candidates is their race and gender? Apparently they think black women lack the intelligence to reason beyond "Hmm...he's black and I'm black. But she's a woman and I'm a woman. I really have no idea who to vote for!"

It's insulting to say the least.

When did this become a race about labeling people instead of a race about who is best qualified to lead this country? I find it hard to believe the candidates are known for being "the woman, the black one, the Mormon" etc. Should one of these "firsts" be elected to the office of President, their gender, race or religion should be a note after the fact, not a reason for the outcome. I would have assumed CNN was smart enough to realize that. It looks like I was wrong.