Thursday, November 02, 2006


the Hubble telescope is in need of some repairs and NASA is planning a repair mission in 2008. The only thing holding them back is the $900 million it'll take to keep that bad boy in orbit for another five years of pretty picture taking.


I've expressed my frustrations with space programs in the past and this quote reaffirms my position: "The veteran crew members agreed that the next Hubble flight would be less risky because of the safety improvements made since 2003, such as an inspection of the shuttle in orbit and new tools for repairing the ship in space."

Repairing the ship in space? We're spending millions of dollars to send people into space in a ship that's going to break when they get there so we can spend $900 million to (again) fix a busted telescope that we'll replace in five years? Seems like that money could be better spent on, say, health care, education, tax breaks or me.

P.S. The thing looks like a couple of tin cans wrapped in aluminum foil on training wheels. No wonder it's always breaking.