Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Office...sucked

I can't believe I'm writing this but The Office last week (Diwalli) really blew. I'm a die-hard Office fan stunk. It seems there were a lot of things started but nothing resolved. (Pam's text message to Jim, for example.) And what was with the whole drinking game thing at the Stamford branch?? Not only did it not contribute to the plot at all, but it kind of tainted my perception of Jim's character. The small glimpses we have of the Stamford branch are usually gems within the show. Not last week. I kept waiting for something to come of it but...nothing. Even Jim falling over in the bush was predictable.

The episode was also noticeably lacking in talking head interviews. Overall, I don't think I laughed once...even when I watched it again later.

I've heard talk of the it serving as a sort of an "Empire Strikes Back" episode where it acts as a foundation for everything to be resolved this week. Perhaps, but it sounds like this week's episode is pretty significant in and of itself.

I suppose we'll find out in about ten minutes.