Friday, February 16, 2007

Merits and demerits

This morning I would like to award my dad 10 merits, five for having his cell phone with him and turned on and five for actually answering it. In my family we consider this a small miracle and will likely celebrate this day throughout the years to come.

Unfortunately, Dad also gets 15 demerits because he dropped my mom off at the air port at LEAST two and a half hours before her flight. This was because (and I quote), "I wasn't sure how bad traffic was going to be and she has kind of a heavy bag. Turned out traffic wasn't bad."

No kidding Dad? Really?

Even if traffic was bad, horribly bad, it wouldn't have taken an hour and a half to get to the air port (normal commute time: 30-45 minutes). Now, I don't expect my dad to look on the Internets for traffic reports. I realize the mere idea of this could cause him to have some kind of coronary seizure. But there's this thing that's been around since he was a kid. It's called a "radio". Often, many of the stations on the radio will give updates on traffic conditions. I know they do this because I hear them do it.

The problem is this isn't an anomaly. He does it all the time. It's the same thing when we fly home for holidays. We end up sitting in the air port longer than we do on the air plane. Same thing goes for attending events. For example, he insists we get to plays 30-45 minutes before curtain.

Ah, the quirks of our parents.