Monday, February 26, 2007

Amazing Grace

What an inspiring movie. Less about the song than I thought it would be, it focuses on the life of William Wilberforce (gotta say, that's an awesome name) and his dedication to the abolition of the slave trade in England.

The story is truly remarkable. William believed he had a calling from God to bring to pass abolition. It was the driving force in his life and it nearly killed him. The pain he felt for the people he tried so desperately to help but, for so long, could not made him physically ill much of his adult life.

It was incredible that this man had the determination and dedication in the face of so much opposition to do what he knew was right. This movie, as they say, is a must-see. And it's only rated PG.

Unfortunately, I haven't noticed much press about this movie so spread the word. With all the smut and garbage out there it's all the more important to promote a movie like this. Here's the link to the trailer.