Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Windows Live Mail

As many know, or could easily deduce from this blog, I like to try out the latest and greatest. Windows Live ( is their answer to Google's search engine, and Live Mail is their answer to Gmail. I'd love to preview Microsoft's response to everything Google so I'm definitely interested when this appears in my Hotmail inbox (click to zoom):

Way to go Microsoft! You've got me interested and excited about your new product! I am ready and willing to "join now".

What's this? I try to click the big, orange, desiged-very-similarly-to-Apple's-OS-buttons-but-with-poor-off-
centered-typography-button and...nothing.

What Microsoft? It doesn't work? You sent out a busted e-mail to your target audience? Or was it never supposed to work and is simply misleading? Either way, it's frustrating and disappointing... two adjectives I've come to associate with Microsoft.

Brett was able to log into his Live Mail account and let me check it out. The verdict? Blah. Sure it uses AJAX now, but it basically looks like a stripped down version of Hotmail.