Friday, March 17, 2006

The missing fish

How does one lose a fish? It's not like a dog that can dig under the fence and run away, nor a cat that is simply too stupid to find its way home. No, losing a fish is not so easy to do, but always results in the same inevitable fate: the fish dies.

Such is the speculated case with Jeremy's now-presumed-dead fish, Jackie Chan. Jeremy came back to work one day to find that Mr. Chan had vacated his little home. Fish have been known to leap from their watery confines, but here's the mystery of it all: the body was never found.

Jeremy searched high and low in his office, even using a flashlight to search in crevasses which no mortal fish could leap to. The nearest body of water is the bathroom which is located down a hallway, through the lobby, into the foier, through a door and into a stall. Impossible!

Then again, this fish was named Jackie Chan.

I call upon my faithful readers (all four of you) to keep an eye out for Jackie. If he can escape his bowl, and the office in which he was housed, there's no telling where he could be.

P.S. It should be noted that Brett has a theory that Jackie was such a ravenous fighting fish that he actually ate himself.