Thursday, November 29, 2007

Maybe you know a guy

I have this friend/Internet acquaintance I met through my other blog who runs a very popular site and is in search of some advertisers.

And when I say "very popular" I mean to the tune of over a million page views a month and ranked in Technorati's top 60 most popular pages. It really is a great site. I'd recommend checking it out. (And if you're going to check out his site, check out my site, LivSimpl.) :)

His readership consists of people "trying to improve their lives by becoming more productive, more organized, healthier, fitter, calmer, saner, better off financially, and happier with their families."

People who need to be saner, calmer and healthier. Sounds familiar.

I figured I'd put the word out and see if you knew a guy or had a friend of a friend or some relative who's looking to reach such people. The rates are more than reasonable and ads can be purchased in one-month chunks with discounts for multi-month purchases. And he said he'd give me a commission if I found anyone. :)

Let me know if you have someone in mind or, if you prefer to contact him directly, just let him know that I sent you.

For more details, click here.