Monday, October 15, 2007

New Gmail coming: the evidence

There have been some mounting rumors about a revamped Gmail in the chutes. As a huge Gmail fan, I'm particularly excited about this and would probably be willing to sacrifice some kind of small animal in exchange for IMAP support.

That being said, I've noticed a few things of late that seem a little unusual.

First of all, I've been randomly directed to a new login screen. Typically, the login screen looks like this:

Twice now I've come across this one:

New UI coming? Google Docs-ish? That's the rumor anyway and this redesigned login seems to give a nod to the shiny new Google Docs interface.

As far as non-UI features go, Google has a page where you can suggest features (go there and check IMAP!!). Normally they have the changes they've already implemented on the right, just above a list of popular requests for features. (Sorry, I don't have a screen grab.)

Notice in the following screen shot that the list of popular requests is missing:

I'm hoping it's because they're removing a few items from the list *cough* IMAP *cough*. Then again, if that were the case they'd probably remove the "suggestions we've implemented" too. Hmmmm.

O, Gmail users, what new features would you like to see in a new and improved Gmail?

P.S. Not that I need it, but I'm diggin' this accelerated increase in storage Gmail's got goin' on. I've dropped 4% in the last three days without deleting a thing! (Sounds like a weight loss ad.)