Monday, June 11, 2007

"Top Secret Features" my butt

The short version: If the Finder and Desktop enhancements had been the lesser of the new features instead of the only new features, it would have been a good keynote.

Hey Steve! Talk about a Time Machine! Remember this? It's last year's WWDC when you said you had a lot of cool, "Top Secret" stuff you were putting in Leopard, but couldn't show us because you didn't want "Redmond" to rip it off. Then you showed us a few cutesy things like how to make your own widgets and how you can use iChat video with backdrops.

"Oooo! Look at me! I'm underwater!"

Spaces and Time Machine kept us pacified until January when you said Leopard would be out before Vista. It's a year later and we're all stoked about your promise that, "Leopard will be worth the wait."

Guess what? It wasn't. Excuse me. Allow me to correct my grammar. It ISN'T. (It's still not out.)

Of your Ten Features, half were rehashed from last year's conference. (Pardon me if I don't wet myself over Safari on Windows.) Did you really expect us to get excited about widgets again?

A Finder revamp? Excellent. New desktop features? Wonderful. And...? Where are the "Top Secret Features"?

My birthday is in October. I'd wanted Leopard but now a pony sounds better.