Friday, June 29, 2007

iPhone lines in Utah

While people on the East Coast already have their grubby little mitts on the iPhone, folks here in Utah still have over an hour until they can do the same. I just meandered my way over to The Gateway to see what kind of lines had formed outside the Apple and Cingular stores (no, it's not yet AT&T out here in boondocks Salt Lake.)

I counted about 40 people outside the Apple Store. The first guy in line said he got here 15 hours ago which would put it at about 1:00 yesterday afternoon.
Surprisingly, there were a few more people lined up outside Cingular. I counted 48. 101.5 The Eagle had a remote crew there and Cingular employees were handing out bottles of water to those waiting in the 100 degree weather. There was also a camera crew from PCTV (Park City TV) interviewing some of the people waiting with another news crew inside the actual store.

The crowd in both locations was an eclectic bunch, with general descriptions ranging from Apple Fanboy/Nerd to Poodle Girls. Hey, whatever floats your boat guys.