Thursday, June 21, 2007

No consensus

I sent out text message to some friends of mine asking them what I should blog about. Here are the responses:

"You're the blogger...I mean...doesn't being a blogger intrinsically mean that you have things to blog about? So what are you asking me for?" - Ryan

" good it is to have a real job." - Brad

"Your coolest sister in law ever. jk. how about the smart cars?" - Heido

"My bday!" - Neil

"You didn't ask me. I would have told you to write a blog post regarding the Japanese influence on polka dancing. Or something educational like that." - Erin

"About the progression of communication. Our grandparents never dreamed we'd be communicating like this." - Michael

Ryan - No.
Brad - It is nice. I do like my job quite a bit.
Heidi - I'll have to think that one over.
Neil - I'll be honest. I had no idea it was your birthday.
Erin - So far as I can tell, none.
Michael - Interesting idea.