Sunday, October 29, 2006

Environmental update

I just realized it's been a while since I've posted anything green. For shame! Fret not dear readers I'm still doin' the green thing.

A while back I set some goals for myself. So far I'm batting about 500. Sure enough, I take TRAX to work which has affected me in three ways. First, it's cutting my C02 output dramatically. Second, I'm saving a ton of money on gas. Third, as a result of saving so much money I've noticed I don't care nearly as much about gas prices as I did before. (Hey, any stress I can eliminate from life is welcome.) Of course, when I do drive I take it easy on the accelerating and always carpool when it's an option.

As for off-setting our electricity consumption with wind power, well, I had to be a little flexible on that one since it's not just my money going out the door, savvy? Oh, and CFL's? They'll make great stocking stuffers this year.

Other things I've done include buying a Nalgene bottle instead of using disposable water bottles. Our new computer is not only less noisy, but the new processors use significantly less energy than the dual G4 chips I had in my last Mac. We now live in a ground-floor apartment which means better insulation and lower energy bills thanks to a non-vaulted ceiling.

I was given a Happy Hat for my birthday which I put on instead of turning up the furnace. At work I'm able to work on a project for a local utility that's encouraging people to make their homes more energy efficient. While I personally think the campaign should have more of a green twist to it, I'm still happy to be working on something good for the environment, even if the motivation for people to participate is financial.