Thursday, June 04, 2009

Our girl arrived

Hey world. I'm here. It's been a week now since our little girl was born (everyone is healthy an well - things went about as smoothly as one could hope).

Needless to say (although I'll say it anyway), life has been turned upside down as we try and figure out sleeping schedules, keep a two year-old happy and wonder if it's normal for a newborn to go through six diapers an hour.

Then there's the projectile poop.

Thank heavens for supportive friends and family.

It's still a bit weird to hear myself say, "The kids" when for the last couple of years it's been, "The kid." Our little girl has some very similar features to our little boy, but she's definitely going to have her own look to her which we're excited about. She has very long, beautiful fingers.

Is this rambling? Incoherent? I'm running on very little sleep here (see third paragraph).

We are doing well. We're keeping a low-profile as we get adjusted to our new family member. But life is good. I'm blessed with a happy, healthy family, a job that provides for us (which I enjoy), the gospel and a beautiful wife of whom I am completely unworthy.

Time to wake the two year-old.

 Let the fun begin.

P.S. We went with Sara.