Sunday, April 05, 2009

As a man, sometimes there is no correct answer

A few months ago my wife asked me whether or not she looked pregnant. (For the record, she was about five months along - due in May.)

My Man Radar kicked in immediately. I quickly thought about my options and decided that between saying a woman looked pregnant and saying she didn't look pregnant it would be better to go with the latter. Because, really, does a woman ever want to hear, "Honey, you look pregnant"? I doubted it. Feeling pretty good about my answer I responded, "Not at all!"

Wrong answer.

Despite my Man Radar calculations and the fact that, in my opinion, Amy was barely showing and as hot as ever this was the wrong thing to say.

"What? Seriously? Look at this!" She said as she stuck her stomach out as far as she could. "You don't think I look pregnant?"

"," I backpedaled. "You look pregnant. Very pregnant! Nine months! Huge!"

I don't know if she saw the humor in my response because she changed the subject.

P.S. When I told my father in-law this story he just laughed at me.