Monday, July 23, 2007

I must be getting old, part 2

In addition to not understanding the fascination with social networks such as MySpace, I also realize I'm old because I remember getting letters in the mail.

"Who doesn't remember getting letters?" most of the people reading this are probably thinking.

I've been using e-mail as my primary form of communication for about a decade. The MySpace crowd was in diapers then.

Think about it. Most of the 12-15 year-olds who are using MySpace have probably never run out to the mailbox, hopes high for a letter from a friend, relative or pen-pal. Heaven knows our kids won't.

That makes me a bit sad.

Correspondence used to be more meaningful, but less frequent. Nowadays, good or bad, communication is made in short, nearly constant bursts: e-mail, text messaging, Twitter, etc. I daresay that while communication/correspondence has become more convenient, it has also become less significant.

There you have it. More proof that I'm getting old, or at least a bit nostalgic. It's strange to think about the future and what it will hold for our children. One thing is for certain, an era has ended and a new one has begun.