Sunday, July 16, 2006

Fifteen percent

Did you know that according to this government website only 15% of the gas you put in your tank goes to moving you down the road and running things like your headlights and AC? 64% of the gas you put in your car is wasted thanks to "engine losses".

Engine losses? Are you kidding me? We can put a man on the moon and launch sattelites that can read the time off your watch but we can't figure out how to design an engine that's more than 15% efficient? I find that very hard to believe. (Any big oil/auto industry conspiracy theorists out there?)

Here's an earth-shattering idea: let's make a law that says cars have to be, oh, I don't know 30% effecient within 5 years and 50% effecient within 10. Imagine the impact be if all cars doubled their fuel effeciency! Don't worry about the discovery, production or distribution of a new fuel source (although we should still be working on that), just make more efficient use of what we already have.

Hey! Rich Guys Auto Industry Guys! Instead of designing self-parking cars and in-car DVD players for the kids, maybe you should work on designing a gas engine that doesn't suck gas, because no matter which car you look at, knowing that it's only using 15% of the fuel you put in it means the Prius should be getting 400 mpg, not 60.