Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Missing NY

I'm sitting here at my desk, proofing website copy, listening to Wicked, and absolutely aching to go back to New York.

The tall buildings, the diversity of the people... just being in the big city. I think I spent more time outside in New York than I ever have here in Salt Lake. There's always something to do, someplace to visit, interesting people to meet.

I was just talking with Mike about The Met, and how truly amazing it is to see Rambrandts and Van Goghs in person. It's easy to understand why people pay so much money for art when you actually see it in person, instead of in a text book or on TV.

There is infinitely more open space here in Salt Lake, but for some reason I want to go play frisbee in Central Park. 

I want to buy lunch from a street vendor. I want to experience the satisfaction of barely catch a train before it leaves. I want to stay out late at a show. I want to walk through the city and just watch the incredible variety of people going about their lives: each doing essentially the same thing, but doing it so radically different from anybody else. 

I want to hear about a cool place to visit from a friend, and then go check it out. I want eat at Rice to Riches and The Dumpling Man. I want to spend more time down in SoHo and visiting random shops and stores to see what they're like.

I want to do the things you can only do in New York.