Friday, August 21, 2009

A sawed-off shotgun, a stray cat and an awesome fu manchu

If you heard a news story about a drunk guy who tried to shoot a stray cat in his yard with a sawed-off shotgun because the cat was chasing away the birds in his yard, what do you think this person would look like?

You're absolutely right. He'd look like this:

At first glance it seemed startling that a person with a patch over his eye was shooting a gun. (You know - the whole depth perception thing.) Then it occurred to me that you close one eye when aiming down the barrel of a gun so, in reality, it might actually be easier for this guy to aim a gun than the rest of us.

The lesson from all this? Don't judge people just because they have an eye patch.

That, and have a good weekend.

 The full story, and image can be found at KSL.