Sunday, May 10, 2009

I killed a bunny tonight

I was on the way back from Grandma's tonight when I hit a jack rabbit on I-80. I tried to swerve a bit to give it a chance but soon realized the little fella was doomed.

I say swerved a bit because I was going 75 mph.

Remember back when your parents or church leaders told you to decide right then and there how you were going to handle certain situations if they came up. For example, decide right now that you aren't going to ever drink alcohol and if you're feeling pressured to do so, how are you going to respond? It's good to have your mind already made up about things to which you're committed.

This situation was  a lot like that. A long time ago I decided that if it came down to me hitting an animal in the road, or me swerving to try and miss it at the risk of getting in an accident and injuring my family, the animal was going to get it.

He got it. Sorry bunny.

Perhaps if there had been a sign like the one above posted near the road this tragedy wouldn't have taken place. I say we blame the government.

Image courtesy of here.