Monday, February 09, 2009

The last nail in MobileMe's coffin (MobileMe functionality, free)

Now that Google is providing free Exchange push synchronization of Google Contacts and Calendars to the iPhone and iPod Touch, it has effectively killed MobileMe's last unique selling point.

So instead of blowing $99 a year, here's a list of where you can get everything MobileMe offers (and then some) but free.
  • Bookmark synchronizationFoxmarks (now available on Safari)
  • Online storage (iDisk)Dropox I've been using this for a while now and it works perfectly. Good UI too.
  • Push Calendar – Google Calendar using CalDAV for iCal and Google Sync for iPhone/Touch.
  • Push EmailYahoo Mail (I suspect this will soon be available via Gmail as well).
  • Online photo galleryPicasa, Flickr, etc. Desktop clients/plugins are available for both Mac and PC as well as for the iPhone/Touch for easy uploading.
Of course, MobileMe isn't the be-all-end-all solution despite the fact they're charging for it. There are a couple of things MobileMe SHOULD do which are available through third parties:
  • Note syncingNotespark is a great little $2 app for the iPhone. It works when you don't have a data connection and all your notes sync to a decent-looking web interface. Includes excellent tag and search capabilities.
  • To-Do List/SyncingRemember the Milk provides a hard-core to-do application that works in Gmail, through their own website and (for $25/year) the iPhone/Touch. It, too, is available without a data connection. For something less robust (and free) try Toodledo.
There you have it. Everything MobileMe offers for $99 a year for free. I wonder how, or if, Apple will respond. Thoughts?