Wednesday, August 01, 2007

96% covered in hair, Chinese man wants to carry the Olympic torch

Yu Zhenhuan is one of the world's hairiest men and, according to him, that makes him a celebrity worthy of carrying the Olympic torch.

Yu calls himself "King Kong", so obviously he has a sense of humor about the whole, "I take being a mammal to the next level", but I fear the ramifications of running with a torch when 96% of one's body is covered in flammable material hasn't occurred to him yet.

Besides, do we really want every weird-o from the Guiness Book of World Records showing up to carry the Olympic torch?

Guess what pal? I have a Raptor Toe (which is much cooler, and much more socially acceptable, and much more loved by the ladies than being Yeti's little brother) but have you ever seen me promoting my physical gift for personal glory or gain? No. No you have not.